AQUA Spa – Conceptual Spa Design

ArcWest Architects was retained to explore the potential tenant fit of the AQUA Spa business in various leased spaces. Numerous design options were completed and reviewed with the owner.

The proposed design centered around an AQUA lounge. In contrast to water elements throughout, the lounge space was designed to incorporate a beautiful central fireplace, and to serve as a key feature of the spa experience for relaxing before, after or between treatments.

These concepts were provided to contractors for pricing to allow the owner to confirm the proposed project cost aligned with their budget.  The owner ultimately selected a location that fit their needs and budget based on the input gained through this due diligence process.

Project Details

  • Location  -  Southlands Mall
  • Square Footage  -  3,000 to 5,000 ft2
Conceptual Rendering for Proposed Design