Jose Juarez ArcWest Architects

Joe Juarez

  • Master of Architecture
    University of Colorado, Denver
  • Master of Urban Design
    University of Colorado, Denver
  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture
    Texas Tech University, El Paso

Architectural Associate

Joe Juarez has been with the ArcWest team since October 2015. He brings a multi‚Äźdisciplinary background and a highly diverse skill set, including two Master’s Degrees in Architecture and Urban Design.

Prior to ArcWest, Joe worked as a Research Assistant with the Colorado Center for Community Development. There he worked alongside fellow grad students and professionals providing design consultation to public organizations, developers and civic leaders across Denver Metro and the state of Colorado.

While pursuing his education, Joe had the opportunity to study local architecture in Italy. While there he worked on two projects in Gioiosa Marea, Sicily and Verona, Veneto, which involved proposing design solutions for sites suffering from major crisis.

Joe enjoys fishing and working on the computer in his free time.